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What size of gate post do you recommend for gates?

Max Width of Gate;   Height of post;    Section of Post
3′ – 4′                               1.8m                    100mm x 100mm
5′ – 7′                               2.1m                    125mm x 125mm
8′ – 9′                              2.1m                     150mm x 150mm
10′ – 11′                             2.1m                     175mm x 175mm
12′ – 13′                            2.4m                    200mm x 200mm

Will my gate be treated?

All softwood pedestrian gates will be pressure treated. Our drive entrance softwood and hardwood gates are supplied untreated.

What are your gates made from?

They are available in a number of species of wood, including joinery quality softwood and African hardwood, Iroko.

Are your gates hand made?

We have gates available in stock and some gates are made to order by craftsmen using traditional joinery skills and expertise to create beautiful and distinctive gates.