Hazel Wattle Hurdle

Wattle hurdles are made from woven hazel rods. They make an attractive rustic fence which is ideal for protecting a newly planted hedge providing a screen until the plants are established.


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1830mm (H) x 1830mm (W)
1524mm (H) x 1830mm (W)
1219mm (H) x 1830mm (W)
914mm (H) x 1830mm (W)

Wattle hurdles are usually erected on round treated timber posts driven into the ground.  The hurdles are then secured to the posts and each other using galvanised wire or strong black cable ties.  The posts can be placed behind the hurdles or in-between.

We deliver locally using our own vehicles at very reasonable prices.

Manufactured sustainably and FSC certified.   By Buying FSC wooden garden products you are helping to support responsible timber usage and forest management.