Fence Post Concrete Repair Spur

Concrete repair spur or ‘godfather’  are used for repairing wooden posts that have rotted at ground level.   The advantage of using a concrete repair spur is that they can be used to repair the fence with out dismantling it.

Sizes listed: 75mm x 100mm  (3″x4″) or 100mm x 100mm (4″x4″) posts with bolts required – see image gallery.


Order Code
1.2m x 100mm x100mm Concrete Repair Spur
M10 x 240mm Roofing Bolt and Nut
1.2m x 75mm x100mm Concrete Repair Spur
M10 x 200mm Roofing Bolt and Nut

Using coach screws instead of bolts to fix the concrete spur avoids having to drill through the fence post and the job can be done from one side of the fence.

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