Wood Protective

For rough sawn or smooth timber. Contains water repellent resins and film biocide preserver to prevent the surface growth of mould/algae and together this helps reduce decay, swelling, twisting of wood.

Ideal wood treatment for outdoor timber structures such as sheds, fences, trellis, pergola and timber gazeboes.

Provides excellent water repellency/beading. Oil/solvent based for deeper penetration leaving a transparent/translucent finish colour effect to wood, where the grain texture is still visible.

Pigments have good UV fade resistance and will help protect wood from UV damage.

Contact us for range of colours in stock.

Not ideal for decking or garden furniture structures as rub resistance may not be sufficient.  The colour swatches are an indication only and representative of the product applied to clean new/pale timber. The final colour finish can vary considerably due to the age, type & condition of the timber being treated. We always recommend carrying out a test area first in an inconspicuous area to make sure you are happy with the final dried colour.