Thermowood cladding is a fantastic material for external timber cladding that provides many benefits to its users. It is produced by heat treating selected Scandinavian Redwood in a unique continuous kilning process that involves heating the timber to 212 Celsius while protecting it with steam. This thermal process enhances the chemical and physical properties of the timber, providing many benefits to users.

One of the main benefits of Thermowood cladding is its increased durability. The thermal process increases the durability of the timber from class 4 to class 2 as detailed in BS 8417, which is a significant improvement. This increase in durability makes Thermowood cladding a long-lasting and reliable option for external timber cladding.

Stable With Low Shrinkage
Thermowood cladding is also very stable, with low shrinkage, warping, and twisting, thanks to its brittle nature. This stability means that it will remain looking great for longer, with fewer maintenance requirements than other materials. Additionally, if left untreated, when exposed to rain and sunlight, it will go an attractive silver grey colour.

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The softwood used to produce Thermowood cladding comes from sustainable sources in Scandinavia, from well-managed forests certified by PEFC. This means that not only is Thermowood cladding an excellent material for external timber cladding, but it is also an environmentally friendly choice.