Garden fences, which type is right for you?

Good fences lead to good neighbours and they don’t need cutting! There are lots of good reasons for a fence but which type of fence is right for you and your garden?

Here is an overview of the popular types of garden fencing available with links to our products and fencing calculators to help you work out what you need and how much it will cost.

Panel Fencing
Including: lap fence panels and featheredge panels, decorative and European panels.
Good for: Decorative purposes, privacy, security, marking boundaries.
Create a fence quickly and easily with panel fencing. We offer a wide variety of fence panels which means you should be able to find a fence design to suit your taste and budget.  Choose from traditional or decorative panels, timber or concrete posts and with or without gravel boards.  All combinations can be used for a wide variety of purposes from privacy to simply adding a touch of flair to your garden.

Try our panel calculator to find out what you need and get an estimate of how much it will cost>>

Close Board Fencing
Also called: Featheredge fencing
Good for: Privacy, security and marking boundaries.
This is a robust and versatile fence, known for its strength and durability.    It is flexible in height and length, without any hassle of cutting down panels to size. It is available from 0.9m to 2m high.  The fence is constructed on site using a post and rail framework with featheredge boards nailed vertically to horizontal rails.   Each featheredge board overlaps the next by 25mm to form a solid barrier and posts are set up to 3m intervals. Timber or concrete posts can be used for this fence, with a gravel board and capping if required.   Timber posts are cut with ‘V’ notches so that the arris rails fit in the notches and then are fixed to the posts.  Concrete posts have recesses and holes so that timber rails can be bolted to them. Fixing holes are also provided for timber or concrete gravel boards.

Try our  close board calculator to find out what you need and get an estimate of how much it will cost>>

Palisade Fencing
Also known as: Picket fencing
Good for: Marking boundaries, keeping pets and animals secure.
This typically open slatted design is best for decorative or boundary uses rather than privacy or security. It can be purchased in time-saving ready assembled panels or as individual components.

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Wattle Hurdle Fencing
Also known as: Weave fencing. Wattle hurdle fencing.
Good for: Privacy, marking boundaries.
Wattle hurdles are made from untreated Hazel.  They are a natural product which makes them ideal for providing a temporary barrier whilst hedges and plants grow.  The wattle hurdle will integrate and become part of your hedge row.  Hurdles can provide a decorative division to your garden, and can also be used to add additional privacy.

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Good for: Decorative purposes, supporting plants, some privacy without losing light
Trellis can make a versatile addition to your garden. Small trellis can be added to the top of existing fence panels to bring a whole new look to your garden. This will help raise the height of an established fence and give a little more privacy to your garden, whilst the framework will make it still feel open and airy.  Trellis can be attached to the side of your garden fence or walls. As plants climb up it, they’ll cover the existing area, disguising it and bringing more green into your garden.

Our strong trellis panels and rustic trellis are often used to segment areas of a garden and create boundaries, while still allowing sunlight to pass through.

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Good for: Decorative purposes
Screens are a great way of creating enclosed spaces within your garden, such as to hide bin areas or hiding ugly fences or walls. Screens are available in a variety of materials including bamboo, reed and willow.  All you need to do is to attach the screen to an existing structure.

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