Trellis, which type is right for my garden?

Trellis can enhance any outdoor space but also offer additional privacy and security for your home and garden. Exploring the types and uses for a trellis can help you plan your garden design. At Hartwell & Co we stock an extensive range.  It comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes, so there are lots of options for you to choose from for your garden.  Our trellis is available in a diamond or square lattice style, with either a straight or shaped tops. Here is an overview of the different types we offer:

English Diamond Trellis – most versatile
The English Diamond Trellis is our most popular and most versatile range. It is constructed from planned all round treated timber with rounded corners. Its diamond lattice gaps measure 40mm from the inside edges. The range includes a large variety of sizes and shapes. See the profiles below for all the options available.  View the range>>

Rectangular English Trellis 900mm (H) x 1830mm (W)
Rectangular English Trellis

Clementine Privacy Lattice – small hole
If you would like less visibility through your panels, privacy lattice is a small hole diamond trellis. This trellis is ideal to zone off areas within your garden or to shield areas from view for aesthetics, security or privacy. It has a strong rebated frame structure. Choose from rectangular panels or shaped panels with convex or omega tops.  View the range>>

Clementine Trellis KDPL11
Clementine Trellis KDPL11

Square trellis – excellent value
Our square trellis range comes in a variety of square gap sizes and is made from treated timber with smooth planed edges with rounded corners. It can be fixed to walls for climbing plants, used as fencing or screening, or to create custom structures. Choose from a 6” square gap which is ideal for climbing plants, or the smaller 3” or 2” gaps ideal for added privacy.  View the range>>

Square Trellis Panel 1.83m x 1.83m
Square Trellis Panel 1.83m x 1.83m

Heavy Diamond – heavy duty
For when you need extra strength, choose a heavy duty lattice panel. Its robust design and manufacture mean it can be especially useful in areas where the panels will be exposed to high winds, heavy planting or where extra strength is needed. Planed all round with rounded corners, it comes with strong 45mm x 45mm framing throughout the range. The lattice gaps are 70mm from inside edge.  View the range>>

Heavy Diamond Lattice Panel KDHDL13 1.83m x1.83
Heavy Diamond Lattice Panel

Profiles to look out for in the ranges above:

Omega: The Omega panels have a wavy top for a distinctive and eye-catching look. Available as a standalone panel or as a lattice top, which can used its own or above a fence panel to give a decorative shape and extra privacy.

Omega Top Privacy Lattice
Omega Top Privacy Lattice

Concave and convex trellis panels: These panels feature a curved top. These concave and convex trellis panels can be used on their own, or a small trellis top can be combined with existing fencing or walls to add additional screening or shape.

Convex English Trellis KDT5
Convex English Trellis

Rectangle: can be fixed to walls for climbing plants, used as fencing or screening, or to create custom structures.

Square Wall Trellis KDST8 450mm x 1830mm
Square Wall Trellis

Trellis corner inserts: For use in pergola construction.

Trellis Corner Insert KDT20
Trellis Corner Insert KDT20

Fan: Ideal for attaching to walls or fences for climbing plants to grow up.

English Fan Trellis
English Fan Trellis

Other options:

Rustic trellis unique and long lasting
Our rustic trellis is made from peeled and treated round and half round timbers making them very strong, lasting for many years. These panels come in a variety of sizes, the large ones stand alone and have posts (legs) as part of the frame. These legs are buried into the ground to the required depth. They can be made without legs if requested. A matching rustic arch is also available.  View the range>>

Trellis backed planter perfect for patios to help encourage your climbing plants to grow to their full potential. View the product>>

Panel Trellis capping & Trellis batten We sell the components that make our trellis range so you can customise the trellis yourself to suit your requirements.

Decorative panel with built in trellis tops If you are looking for a complete fence take a look at our range of fence panels with trellis built into it.  View the range>>

To consider: If you need to cut your trellis to size, some types of trellis are easier than others. The diamond lattice is more difficult and will need some wood working skills however we sell all the components to be able to do this. The square trellis is generally easier because it is not framed.

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