Exterior Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is more popular than ever – but which type is right for you?

Our extensive range of timber cladding offers plenty of options to create a beautiful facade, a feature wall or as a solution to cover unsightly surfaces.

Here we look at the different cladding styles available from Hartwell & Co, allowing you to create the visual effect you are looking for.

The timber in this article is either pre-treated or there is no need to treat it because of the species.

For internal cladding we can offer an alternative range please contact us to discuss your project.

Feather Edge
These sawn and treated boards should be fixed horizontally for cladding. They are tapered across their width. This style of board produces a rustic, rural appearance that is often used for houses, garden structures or facades that require the traditional Weather Board look.

Feather Edge Boards

Rebated Feather Edge is stronger and cut from thicker and deeper boards. Rebated boards allow the feather edge to have a flat inside finish giving additional stability and improved weather resistance. They are great value and easy to fit.

Rebated Feather Edge Board


Shiplap will give you a planed and smooth finish. This board should be fixed horizontally. It is a form of tongue and groove board which fits together. It has a scalloped profile on the face that has been designed to take the weather away from the joint. It has a flat back which gives it a neat finish.

Shiplap Treated Softwood Boarding

Tongue and Groove
This type of cladding gives a planed smooth finish with V joint. It should be fixed vertically. The boards produce a uniform look that suits contemporary houses. They have a flat face and in the absence of any overlapping, rain is kept out by the way the groove covers the tongue of the board. T&G boards have the advantage of speeding up the installation process. They counteract the natural shrinkage and swelling of the wood. Other profiles of T&G and species of timber are available. If you have any special requirements please contact us.

Tongue & Groove Treated Softwood Boarding

Yorkshire boarding
Yorkshire boards are most often used for agricultural buildings. Pressure treated sawn timber 22mm or 19mm x 150mm vertical boards are the popular choice. These can either be fitted with a gap to allow air flow or a cover strip can be used to form a closed off cladding.

Yorkshire boarding

Board and batten
This cladding style uses wide boards spaced apart with a small gap which is covered with a narrow board or ‘batten’. There are no set board or batten widths so we can adapt to your requirements to create the effect you want. The vertical lines of alternating bottom board and batten create a striking yet classic look.

Waney Edge
Waney-edge cladding is a traditional style of cladding created by wide overlapping boards sliced straight from the tree. Each board has one waney edge (with bark on) and one square edge. This style of cladding is ideal for projects such as barn conversions and listed buildings. We offer pressure treated Spruce, untreated Larch or fresh sawn Oak.

Waney Edge Boards

Our shingles are made from Weston Red Cedar. They are long wedge shape pieces of cedar that have the appearance wooden tiles rather than boards. Commonly used as cladding or a roofing material, they look fantastic on both contemporary and traditional homes. We stock the best grade ‘Blue label’ Cedar Shingles imported from Canada. These are generally clear of knots and because of the nature of Cedar there is no need to treat it. They must be fitted with stainless steel or cooper fixings as other types of fixings will stain the wood.

Cedar Shingles

When timber is exposed to the elements it will weather to a silver-grey shade. This is a natural process and timber can weather differently depending on its position and the level of exposure of the suns UV rays. If you would like to retain the original colour of the timber you can slow down this weathering process by applying an UV protection oil on regular basis. For more information see our range of wood finishes.

Osmo UV Protection Oil

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