Tree Support & Protection

Tree planting season has arrived! And there’s lots of good reasons to get outside and plant a tree (whatever the weather!).

If you’re getting out there, we stock a range of different sized stakes and buckle tree ties suitable for staking newly planted trees help prevent wind rock and movement of the roots.

Choose from peeled and treated stakes or machine round stakes.  >>

Soft buckle tree ties are designed to allow you to expand them as the tree grows, giving them extra support. Tree tie with buckle>>

The rabbiting spade is perfect for digging small, deep precise holes. Take a look at our range of professional tools>>

Livestock, deer, rabbits and other mammals may harm newly planted or more established trees. This can be prevented by using tree guards.  Find out more about our tree guard here>>

There are lots of helpful websites out there with planting guidance:

Woodland Trust – How to Plant a Tree

The Tree Council – Planting Guidance 

Visit us the Timber Yard in Weston Sub Edge or contact us to check stock or for a quote 01386 840373.

In this picture, we’re all getting soaked planting trees with the Heart of England Forest in Dorsington to help celebrate special birthdays.