Wire Strainers

Our wire strainers are ideal for all types and sizes of wire fencing including mild or high tensile steel wire. These tools can be used on plain, barbed or electric wire and on all types of stock fence.

The Bar Strainer, or tensioning tool as it sometimes known, is ideal for tensioning barbed wire, plain wire or stock fence on your timber fence posts. Easy and convenient to use, the Bar Strainer leaves both hands free for hammer and staples. It will strain any type of gauge wire without damaging the surface of the wire, and is quick to use.

The Wire Strainer has an automatic chain grab wire strainer. It will strain slack or broken wire in centre strain or at the post.

The Boundary Strainer is designed especially for pulling all classes of pre-fabricated fencing. The unit consists of a grab assembly with a long handle and 6 metres of chain with swivel and ring.


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