Winter landscaping jobs

With the nights drawing in now is the perfect time to plan, prepare and carry out your winter landscaping jobs.

Inspect your fencing

Winter weather, especially strong winds and heavy rain can be damaging to fencing.  Inspect your fencing now for any unstable fence posts that might fall victim to a heavy storm.  If a fence post needs to be reset, then a quick setting no mix concrete product can be used for fixing wooden, concrete or metal posts.

Concrete repair spur or ‘godfather’ are used for repairing wooden posts that have rotted at ground level. The advantage of using a concrete repair spur is that they can be used to repair the fence with out dismantling it.  Find out more >>

Repairing damaged concrete now can prevent greater problems when they appear in the harsher winter months.  If rainwater seeps into a minor defect freezes and expands and then causes cracks to appear on the surface.

Supports & trellis

Newly planted climbers may need supports and trellis fitting.  Use privacy lattice or screens to enhance an outdoor space and offer additional privacy and security.     Take a look at our extensive trellis range >>

Protect and support young trees with stakes and tree ties or for more protection from live stock and wild animals take a look at our tree guard >>
For more on tree support and protection >> 


Winter is a good time to critically assess your landscape, figuring out where it’s missing focal points. Winter is the best time to consider hardscape. A garden arch, a pergola, even an obelisk could be the perfect addition to your outdoor space.  View our landscaping range >>

Timber treatment

Sheds, decking and wooden outdoor furniture could be treated to weather the winter well.  We stock a range of timber treatment products all specially formulated to offer high performance and value for money. They are used and trusted by professionals and retail customers alike.  Take a look at our range >>

Stores at the ready

Get your winter store of logs ready and handy by your back door.   Keep your tools secure and tidy your bin away in our smart stores.  Get details of the stores we stock here >>

Secure your shed and gates

Choose a premium quality lock which can be fitted to your gate in a place where it cannot be reached by anyone trying to get in.

A small selection of our hardware can be found online here>> Visit the timber yard to browse our entire range.

For further friendly advice or to place an order please contact the team at the timber yard on 01386 840373 or email